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2020 Performance Highlights


  • 100% of fertilizers and 95% of pesticides used in our farm and gardens are organic.
  • 100% of our flora waste is processed into compost.
  • 80% of restaurant packaging is biodegradable.

Recycling & Waste Management

  • 43 new recycling stations within our premises to promote recycling.
  • Continued all recycling practices for all recyclable waste such as paper, glass, electronic devices, cooking oils.

Energy Saving

  • Energy reduction by 56% with the use of LedQ lights


  • 2300 hours of training in all different levels.
  • Implementation of new Organizational Structure which promoted 12% of employees


  • Supported 13 NGOs with in kind services, materials and meals.
  • Supported 7 professional and young athletes with their trainings.

Roadmap to Sustainability

Our roadmap to sustainability starts with the measurement of our impact and our aspirations for a more sustainable future. On our way to setting our key performance indicators, we start with setting the outline of our strategy:


  • Enrich our composting procedures by using all organic materials from our Veggie Farm, TATOΪ Club Gardens and MUZE Restaurant
  • Further reduction in the use of plastic across different aspects of services provided in the organization, aiming to become plastic free
  • Further reduction in the use of paper, aiming towards a paperless future
  • Further improvement in our water management & water saving measures with the installation of water flow restrictors and optimized use of water resources
  • Further reduction in the energy consumption within our premises
  • Upgrade of our waste management plan aiming to minimize our waste and enrich recycling of different materials
  • Launch the “T·Act Programme” with the implementation of environmentally related volunteering for our Members and employees


  • Continuation of Monthly Medical support and Health Services benefits
  • Improvement of our employees wellbeing with the enrichment of the Wellbeing Training Programme customized to the needs of different departments
  • Continuation of Team Bonding Activities promoting effective intersectoral collaborations 
  • Continuation and improvement of Employees Training Programmes
  • Maintain equality among all employees (gender, age, culture)
  • Ensure the constant development of working conditions, behaviours and communication channels between employees and management
  • Encourage personal growth and internal promotions of all employees


  • Launch “ΤΑΤΟΪ Club Professionals for the Community” Volunteering Programme
  • Continue to provide support to the local community with the creation of new job opportunities
  • Support local environmental actions & initiatives
  • Further support local organizations with the contribution of in – kind services and funds through an annual campaign
  • Continue to provide in kind support to professional and young athletes during their path to success
  • Enrich our collaboration with local producers & suppliers in compliance with our Sustainability Policies

Live feed with posts, photos & videos. Stay tuned!

Live feed with posts,
photos & videos.
Stay tuned!