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Committed to our purpose of improving people’s everyday life, we consider social dimensions as a key to having an impact on Sustainability.
With our network of Members, Professionals and Partners, we believe that we have the means to become a holistic and positive influence for the Community. This is achieved by providing in kind, materialistic, educative and financial support as well as opportunities for development equally accessible to all.


Our employees are the driving force that puts our purpose into action. 

Our goal is to always respond to their needs by providing the best working conditions, valuable benefits and an environment that allows them to grow.

We believe in the value of continuous education while providing the necessary infrastructure and technological means to encourage the smooth and successful implementation of our operational practices. 

Extending our core values to our team, we offer our employees and their families customized access to our services along with a staff benefits programme. 

Equal opportunities are provided to all our employees and applicants, to help encourage personal and professional growth. 


Our bond with society is strong and our relationship with different societal groups, flourishing. We listen and respond to the needs of our local community and wider society and consider them all as key contributors to our purpose.

Since day one, together with our stakeholders, we have provided targeted material and financial support to local and national organizations fighting against ad hoc and ongoing social crises.

Live feed with posts, photos & videos. Stay tuned!

Live feed with posts,
photos & videos.
Stay tuned!