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Our infrastructure consists of 70% natural surroundings and we therefore consider the environment as the home of our operations. We act with the intention of following eco-friendly practices so as to reduce our carbon footprint. In this way we adhere to the tackling of global environmental issues, while raising awareness in our stakeholders.

Our Nature

Our beautiful landscape consists of 30 acres of land, including 35 types of trees, 100 types of annual and perennial plants and 32,000 aromatic plants, which are resistant to the local weather conditions and have moderate to low water maintenance.

It also includes our Veggie Farm, an additional 4 acres of land which operates in line with the principles of Organic Farming.  All our harvests are seasonal and no chemical fertilizers are used throughout the process. The harvest produced in the Veggie Farm supplies 25% of the raw materials used in our kitchen.

Sustainable Gastronomy

MUZE Restaurant operates on the principles of sustainability and wellbeing. Our Chef designs the restaurant’s menus on a seasonal basis and is inspired by the harvest from our Veggie Farm. We are proud to say that 99% of our Chef’s recipes include products from our Veggie Farm while 80% of our suppliers are local producers.

We also take packaging seriously with 80% of our take away packaging labelled as biodegradable to help reduce the use of plastic as much as possible.

Sustainability Trainings to employees

The implementation and success of our environmental actions begin at the heart of our ecosystem, ΤΑΤΟΪ Club employees. Through frequent and engaging seminars, we educate our team on our current recycling policies, energy saving campaigns and sustainability goals.

Energy Efficiency

Our plan of Energy Management starts with a preventive maintenance plan which includes the installation of motion sensitive lights, the use of energy efficient light bulbs and a plan of actions for energy efficiency across all our premises.

Waste Management & Recycling

With the objective to reduce our carbon footprint, waste management is one of our main priorities. Our practices include recycling different types of waste material produced at our premises, as well as the utilization of the flora residues from our gardens and farm for the creation of compost.

Water Management

From our gardens to our facilities, the operation of our premises abide by the basic principles of water management. Frequent checks in our water distribution system are carried out to ensure the prevention and repair of water leaks while the installation of water flow restrictors, motion sensitive water taps and organic farming practices contribute to our water saving plan.

Live feed with posts, photos & videos. Stay tuned!

Live feed with posts,
photos & videos.
Stay tuned!